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ReAct and ImCoSys
Communication solutions at the point of sale – Industry 4.0 in action
Hamburg-based Responsive Acoustics GmbH (ReAct) implements POS solution with ImCoSys Smartwatch.
Traditional forms of communication in retail, such as public-address systems and telephones, are ineffective, often don’t reach the intended message recipient(s), entail a lot of walking, and are often deemed annoying by customers.

ReAct has developed an Industry 4.0 solution for the retail sector that enables staff to communicate effectively with each other for the very first time and that provides for maximum process transparency on the shop floor. The ReAct solution reduces the amount of walking about required on the shop floor by up to 75% and also solves the problems of customary counterproductive piped music in shops.

The ReAct Communicator app and ReAct Call to Action platform facilitate effective voice and pager communication between staff and staff groups across the platform, whereby predefined texts or voice messages can be used or the relevant member(s) of staff addressed directly. Status messages about equipment like reverse vending machines, automatic baking machines, freezers, and emergency exits, to name just a few, are automatically displayed on the devices of the relevant staff responsible. Daily routines are delegated to the responsible staff at the desired time. Thanks to cross-linking, all staff are informed of the current status of any queries or tasks. The ReAct software platform can, of course, also make spontaneous or predefined announcements to customers.

Following extensive testing, ReAct opted for the imcoSWW17 Smartwatch to be part of the platform: With its open Android system, the imcoSWW17 Smartwatch optimally meets the requirements and stands out for its battery power, durability, and design.

The ReAct system with ImCoSys Smartwatch is in use at EDEKA and REWE, among other stores.

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